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Even among strong premium video ad completion rates, this stat stands out. And the rate for live video mid-rolls is nearly as strong.
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Call them the 6 habits of highly successful video makers. Following these tips can turn a so-so video into a hit-churning, viewer-pleasing, social-sharing viral powerhouse.
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Channels need to gain 10,000 lifetime views and pass a review process to get ad support. Will that put brand advertisers at ease? YouTube hopes so.
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It turns out that the two sites promote video in different ways. Visible Measures explains why marketers need to use both to launch a successful campaign.
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If it sounds too good to be true, YouTube says, then it probably is. Services that promise to inflate a video’s view count could get you suspended from YouTube.The post Pay to Increase Your View Count? YouTube Says Don’t Do It appeared first on Onl…

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