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How Americans watch TV has changed a lot in the past five years, with OTT and mobile devices now the hottest areas.
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ComScore Campaign Ratings

While a full commercial release is still a few months away, ComScore Campaign Ratings are now in use by several influential players.

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Rather than simply looking at the number of views a video campaign gets, consider measuring how many seconds those ads are on screen.
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A study of co-viewing compares how people experience linear TV and streaming TV. The OTT viewers are more likely to discuss the brands advertised.
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Consumers want to be rewarded for their time. “Our attention is valuable,” they say. “If you want me to watch your video ad, pay me to do it.”
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Yes, viewability is important, but it’s table stakes. Rather than seeing viewability as a metric to watch, recognize it for what it is: The starting point.
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What do video-loving consumers want from brands? Text on the screen is a plus, since many watch videos on-the-sly at work. An Animoto survey reveals where are how people are watching.
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YuMe studied the eye movements of 400 participants to learn which types of video ads actually get watched. Connected TV ads led the way for every metric.
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As young viewers especially watch more video on their smartphones and tablets, advertisers follow right behind. Mobile is dominant in most parts of the world.
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The people at Chatbooks decided they were simply going to have a lot of fun with Instagram’s new live video feature, and that made all the difference.
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Using neuroscience monitoring techniques, Ericsson found that buffering and other mobile video delays can negatively impact how viewers think about a brand.
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