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In a real-world test of video gamers, YuMe found that VR ads were remembered at a high rate, with VR pre-rolls showing strong aided recall performance.
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The Measurement Gap: Millennial Viewing Isn't Being Captured

The new lost generation is only lost to advertisers. Younger adults are shunning traditional TV for online streaming, and measurement hasn’t yet caught up.

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Studies commissioned by Facebook show that TV viewers only look at their TV half the time, often turning to their phone. Here’s how marketers can get their messages across to distracted consumers.
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Call them the 6 habits of highly successful video makers. Following these tips can turn a so-so video into a hit-churning, viewer-pleasing, social-sharing viral powerhouse.
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Not only do vertical video ads fit phone screens better, but viewers see them as more innovative. The once-maligned format now provides a halo effect.
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How many views is the right number of views? After studying the data, YuMe says marketers should think about frequency minimums, not maximums.
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Want to get a technology product or service in front of the right buyer? Here’s how to use video advertising to attract IT decision makers and get noticed.
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YuMe studied the eye movements of 400 participants to learn which types of video ads actually get watched. Connected TV ads led the way for every metric.
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Pre-rolls are the big winner in a new report, and are seen as providing the best value exchange for free content, but mid-roll and outstream video ads have roles to play, as well.
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Ad buyers who only look at behavioral or demographic data when buying ad space are missing an important detail: context matters, and some networks are more trustworthy than others.
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ICX Media crunched the numbers and here are the top three tips that most beauty vloggers are missing. Plus: Brand marketers, here’s how to find the ideal influencer.
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Generation Z is most likely to skip video ads, but they get angry when the don’t have the option. Give them control and respect their decisions.
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Distribute marketing videos to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, as well as owned web properties, then see all the results in a central dashboard.
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Social networking platforms are constantly evolving, so brands that want to reach connected consumers need to evolve their video strategies just as quickly.
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Online video ads are effective, especially if brands are going after younger shoppers. Here are a few other ways to break through to the millennial audience.
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