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The top video services rely on targeted personalization efforts to boost their bottom lines. Here’s how any company can put personalization data to work.
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By delivering more accurate viewer forecasting and yield optimization, Adobe helps buyers get their messages in front of the right people, while sellers stop leaving money on the table.
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Create immersive spaces for viewers to inhabit, but don’t forget the brand support: Adobe’s VR tools let marketers know exactly where viewers are looking in virtual video.
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Using Dynamic Vids, brands and agencies will be able to create online video ads that automatically adjust to match viewer interests.
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Programmatic buying suffers from complexity and lack of transparency, Adobe says, obstacles that it aims to solve with its offerings for ad buying and selling.
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Adobe’s two online video powerhouses joined forces and now work together, bringing Primetime and Nielsen analytics to online video marketing teams. Here’s why publishers need to sit up and take notice.
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As the Adobe Summit marketing conference opens in Salt Lake City, Adobe makes a major announcement for online video marketing.
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