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The latest quarterly index from Ooyala shows mobile video pre-rolls showing impressive gains, while midrolls are big on connected TVs.
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Streaming video views are up, but publishers and advertisers are still searching for the best way to monetize them. That’s led to a healthy video ad evolution, reports Ooyala.
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Viewers often stop playing a video when a pre-roll ad appears, unwilling to sit through it. But they’re invested in the show by the time they see a mid-roll ad.
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The online ad market is growing fast, led by better data and increased reliance on programmatic channels, but creative solutions are needed for common problems.
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Advertisers are experimenting with shorter pre-roll ad formats, but viewers still don’t like them. For high completions, go with mid-roll ads.
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The Adpocalypse Isn't Over Yet; In Fact, it's Only Just Begun

The video ad world faces two major challenges this year, says Ooyala: brand safety and ad-blockers. A smart use of data and tech could be the solution.

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Ooyala has released its annual survey on the online video ecosystem, and its sees data as the next big driver. Learn the strategies to reach connected consumers.
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As young viewers especially watch more video on their smartphones and tablets, advertisers follow right behind. Mobile is dominant in most parts of the world.
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Advertisers are signing up for mid-roll ads in greater numbers since viewers are more likely to watch the full ad, but there are still pitfalls to avoid.
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RTB programmatic sales increased by nearly 50 percent in Q2 finds the latest Global Video Index, which predicts far higher growth rates in the coming years.
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Choosing the right OVP makes uploading and distributing video a snap, but sometimes building a customized solution in-house is a better idea. Here’s how to decide.
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In its 2016 State of the Media Industry report, Ooyala finds that private programmatic marketplaces and native ads are taking off, but, unfortunately, so are ad blockers.
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Oolaya has analyzed millions of video streams from the past year to let publishers and marketers know what succeeds online. Sports counted for a lot of viewing activity, it found.
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In its report on Q3 2015 online video viewing and ad impressions, Ooyala finds that confidence in programmatic is high for both buyers and sellers.
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The latest quarterly report from Ooyala shows that viewers are comfortable watching any length content on any size screen.
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