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With its no-engineering-needed ad insertion solution, Wurl provides a simple way to serve video ads on connected TV platforms.
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Even among strong premium video ad completion rates, this stat stands out. And the rate for live video mid-rolls is nearly as strong.
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A downloadable guide explains how some publishers are making money from their online videos, and details how others can get in on the streaming video gravy train.
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As TV and digital video campaigns converge, online is starting to look more like TV. That’s because buyers demand demographic guarantees on multi-platform campaigns.
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Led by strong sports streaming, online video saw big increases in content and ad views last year. But publishers need to figure out the optimal ad load or risk alienating viewers.
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Ad views, video views, authentication, TVE: It’s all going up, up, up, finds the latest FreeWheel Video Monetization Report, and it shows no signs of stopping.
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While advertisers regularly break the audience up by demographic categories, they rarely look at video consumption. But maybe it’s time they did.
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Whether the ad is short or long, or the content is live or on-demand, viewers almost always watch the full spot. It’s still important to match the ad type with the content, though.
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The latest video monetization report from FreeWheel shows that live video is an ad bonanza, and Apple TV has taken the lead over Roku.
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Sports fans are increasingly looking online for live event coverage, and advertisers have noticed. Ad views for live sports are up 201%.
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Don’t overwhelm viewers with too many ads, or your viewers will find someplace else to watch video.

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To keep mobile viewers and advertisers happy, you need to stream to every platform. In a panel discussion, Viacom explained the steps it takes.

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