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The online ad market is growing fast, led by better data and increased reliance on programmatic channels, but creative solutions are needed for common problems.
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With so many distribution methods and even more viewing platforms, getting video viewer data is a chore. Wicket Labs pulls it all together.
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Creating Ads Viewers Don't Want to Skip: In Search of Relevancy

There’s a lot of data available to online video marketers. Too much, really. When creating relevant ads, be guided by data but don’t get lost in it.

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Take a deep dive into sponsored video data: A comprehensive database of sponsored video metrics helps both brands and branded content producers.
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Collecting first-party viewer data and using it effectively is essential for today’s media companies. Here’s the information companies should collect and the questions they should be asking.
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Ooyala has released its annual survey on the online video ecosystem, and its sees data as the next big driver. Learn the strategies to reach connected consumers.
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If the ad is entertaining, and if the product or service advertised is relevant to the viewer, consumers are pretty much okay with it.
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When advertisers are asked to rank distribution channels by importance, social channels come first and video sharing sites come second, reports Trusted Media Brands, Inc.
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ThinkInsight, a new modular platform from ThinkAnalytics, aims to give marketers and content providers an up-to-the-minute view of customer behavior.
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The top video services rely on targeted personalization efforts to boost their bottom lines. Here’s how any company can put personalization data to work.
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Online media creates a wealth of data not available to broadcast, but that data is useless if internal systems don’t speak the same language. Here are the questions to ask before buying an expensive solution.
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It’s the new math of over-the-top video: Getting viewers to subscribe is one revenue stream, but serving them targeted ads is even more attractive.
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Amobee Triggers is a programmatic offering that looks at a variety of real-time and historical cues to determine the key moments when video and display ads will make the biggest impact.
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Microsoft’s audience survey tool, Microsoft Pulse, has learned a new trick. Now, marketers can use Microsoft Video Pulse to gather second-by-second responses to any recorded video.
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Move ads to different dayparts to reach targeted viewers? No thank you, say the major brands, just give us massive prime time ad buys.
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