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Meet Jesse Baget’s Cellmates
When you pitch a comedy about a Ku Klux Klansman around Hollywood you tend to get a lot of rejections. I quickly realized that if I wanted to get Cellmates made I would have to get down and dirty and produce it myself. As is the case with all independent filmmakers, once I decided to make the film on my own I faced another uphill battle: Bringing my vision to life with the limited financial resources I was going to have.

A mistake that many writer/directors, including myself, make is to write a script that cannot be completed on a low budget. Many big-scope scripts end up languishing in a drawer, waiting for that fabled big-time producer to step up and make the project a reality. Chances are, that’s not gonna happen. My co-writer and I knew that to get a movie made we had to write a script with only a handful of characters and even fewer locations. In other words: Doable.

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