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Ian Fitzgibbon Tackles the Death of a Superhero
In Irish director Ian Fitzgibbon's Death of a Superhero, teenager Donald's creativity, active imagination and innate talent combine to make him a highly talented comic book artist. His future would be bright were it not for one thing: Donald, 15, is dying of leukemia. With a cast that includes Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Donald, a non-mocap Andy Serkis as his unconventional psychologist and Michael McElhatton and Sharon Horganas his struggling-to-cope parents, Fitzgibbon has managed to direct a film about a teen with cancer that manages to be inspiring but not melodramatic, sad and poignant but not unrelentingly grim.

With his film coming out on VOD tomorrow courtesy of Tribeca Films, Fitzgibbon took the time to chat with MovieMaker about what initially drew him to the script and how he crafted his own approach to the material.

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