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AFI is a wrap, but Maja Milos’ CLIP is still haunting me
AFI Fest concludes this evening with a gala screening of Lincoln at the Grauman. But since I can't go (we're delivering the Complete Guide to Making Movies to the printer tonight), I'll pretend like it ended last night. My girlfriend and I managed to attend nine events—eight films and a panel—over the course of the seven-day festival: Amour; Rust and Bone; Clip; Caesar Must Die; Starlet; Beyond the Hills; Leviathan; Antiviral; and the Young Hollywood talk. This means, of course, that I missed the lions share of the films on the slate this year (there were 128, by the way), but what I did see was so consistently innovative that I feel watching any block of films at AFI is tantamount to polling: You might not get everyone's opinion, but as long as your sample size is big enough, you can extend your limited observations to the whole. Assessment of this year's program: brilliant. I don't say that lightly, so I'll repeat it. Brilliant.

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